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Reader: Choice words for Mitch McConnell




Wouldn't it be fun to go to Mitch McConnell and say: "We are poised to take back the House, and make no mistake, if you confirm Kavanaugh we will immediately make it our goal to impeach him on the grounds that he lied twice to Congress under oath. Now, it may not stick with the Senate to get him removed, but the process will take up valuable time and will embarrass Kavanaugh and those of you who confirmed him, which we will call out by name.

"Never mind that you deliberately withheld thousands of his legal writings for deceptive reasons. Never mind the assault allegation even though the accuser has reportedly passed a lie detector test. No, lying under oath will be sufficient.

"We suggest that you exercise wisdom and pass on this one. And don't be concerned that we have an empty seat on the court. After all, it didn't bother you for over a year when you denied Obama his presidential right to name a SCOTUS candidate."

— Micheale Duncan

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