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Reader: Change begins at the state level



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In response to the Jan. 2 article "climate change is increasingly damaging human health," I found the language around hope for improving the negative impacts of climate change compelling. I take comfort that even when our current federal administration has put corporate profit over the people's health, we can still make state laws to act on climate change. However, I am also aware that just because a law is set in place does not always mean people follow it. People may not be following these laws because they are either not properly enforced or they are quite outdated.

This is no reason to prevent adding newer, more effective policies. Clearly, these older laws are not timely enough to protect our climate and are not powerful enough to make people listen. This is why Colorado needs to take action on the state level to make new legislation to act on climate change. Our state legislators have the power to do this. With these new policies, Colorado can be a leader for the rest of the country and make an even larger impact for people's health and the climate.

— Brittney Schlup

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