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Reader: Brooks needs a reality check



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On PBS Newshour, conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks said, "I am as anti-Trump as it is possible to be." Talk about out of touch with reality. Brooks lives a life of privilege, and I suspect the biggest wrinkle in his life is that he has to take his shoes off in airports 100 times a month as he jets around to all these shows. Mr. Brooks, do you know any DACA-people, any transgender-people, or anybody in a wheelchair whose life depends on Medicaid? Do you know any of the numerous women who claim Trump molested them, or anyone from Central America who came here seeking asylum and wound up as a money-cow in a for-profit prison? Somehow, I suspect there are a whole lot of poor people who are a little bit more anti-Trump than you are. How about you meet some of these people, and do some honest reporting?

— Gina Douglas, Colorado Springs

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