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Reader: Are we witnessing outright cyber treachery?




The American media is doing a good job reporting the growing and increasingly complex story of the Trump administration's incompetence and chaos. Russian past interference in our election is being investigated by Congress, amid political turmoil, and very methodically by Special Counsel Mueller.

Trump's role in Russian cyber aggression is in question, but some aspects are obvious.

I was shocked to learn that there still is not a large concerted U.S. government effort to defend or retaliate against Russian cyber-attacks on our election process. Admiral Mike Rogers, director of U.S. Cyber Command and the National Security Agency, testified to Congress that neither the president nor the secretary of defense has ordered an effective national cyber defense against the Russians. Our intelligence agencies say that Russian cyber aggression has continued and exists today.

The White House said on March 15 that the administration will finally impose sanctions against Russia levied by Congress last year. The degree to which the administration will enforce more and stronger earlier sanctions is unknown. The Trump administration reportedly shut down the sanctions office in the State Department and has not spent anything out of over $120 million appropriated by Congress to strengthen national cybersecurity.

Admiral Rogers said, "I believe that President Putin has clearly come to the conclusion that there is little price to pay and that therefore, I (Putin) can continue this activity."

Are we witnessing outright treachery? Trump seems to be largely cooperating with the Russians right now, let alone possibly in the last election. He is greatly limiting the growth of our cyber defenses and was blocking retaliatory actions against Russia. The obvious likely objective is to have the Russians help win elections for Trump and his supporters.

— H. Harvey Album, Colorado Springs

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