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Reader: About those tariffs...




Donald "Cheeto Man" Trump's economic policy (if it can be called that) is driving this country into a recession that is going to make 1929 look like a walk in the park. I am a 50-year-plus union member and buy Made in the USA when possible.

Don't know if The Donald realizes that when we raise tariffs on imports, these countries will do the same to our products. This has already happened in Mexico with corn, which has impacted Midwestern farmers. All these American jobs he claims to have saved — I have not seen any — will be lost when other countries don't buy our products.

Donald lives in a fantasy world and has never had a real job like most in this country. We live on a globe and his policies will make us a broke third-world country if he continues. Does nobody in Congress have the courage to stop this lunatic? Let him go to Russia and move in with his boy crush, Putin!

— Dave Joss, Monument

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