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Reader: A DIY-brary for everbody


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I can barely contain the excitement that I feel having just finished reading the various articles on the development of The Flux 2.0 using the Knights of Columbus Hall, and the partnership of the DIY community with PPLD ("DIY-brary," cover story, July 12). Congrats to all involved, who are willing to step outside their own comfort spaces to create something new for our community! I attended the zine-making workshop and got a taste of what the space is like — it truly is perfect for a multi-use venue.

Speaking of that workshop, I do have one comment that I feel needs to be made. To quote: "Already, experiential events like Peach Press' recent zine-making workshop brought in a crowd of 20-somethings to spend the afternoon ostensibly making arts and crafts." I'm 50. My friend and zine collaborator, Loring Wirbel, is 60.

Please remember, young DIYers, that some of your elders were making zines in the early '90s, as well as creating all kinds of performance-based art and doing other cool and creative things way back when. We have a lot to offer. That said, I look forward to being a part of Flux 2.0!

— Sue Spengler, Colorado Springs

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