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Reader: A Broadcasting Seriousness Act could save the nation




Although the president's recent statements threatening to redo the country's libel laws sound almost serious, it would be best to note that there is no federal libel law. States have their own libel laws, but no president holds sway over the laws of the several states. He similarly would have limited ability to affect the First Amendment since the freedom of speech is largely tested in judicial precedents.

Maybe President The Donald could get someone to sponsor legislation that would simply create a bipartisan commission or agency that would assess quarterly fines for publishers and broadcasters that produce or pass on fake news. Anyone could still say whatever they want, aside from slanderous or libelous statements, but fake facts and news could at least be punished monetarily. It could be called the Broadcasting Seriousness Act and it could save the nation by discouraging misleading, misrepresented, and plain false information

— Max Clow, Colorado Springs

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