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Put Down a boozie slushie over pinball at The Control Room


  • Griffin Swartzell

The Control Room, 6120 Barnes Road, #110, 344-9301,

The storefront next to Cleats Bar & Grill has become a bustling arcade bar, full of vintage games like Joust, modern fare like Terminator: Salvation, a wall of pinball machines, and even a pair of free-to-play vintage consoles.

Generally, the cabinets seem well-maintained, save for the light guns on House of the Dead 2 — the red one’s unusable. Upside: slushie machines, which serve non-alcoholic drinks or “premium” slush cocktails. While I’m whiffing at Iron Maiden pinball, I’ve got a Code Red slush in the attached cup holder, a blend of strawberry and subbed-in orange (they’re out of typical pineapple) mixed with Lunazul silver tequila and triple sec, topped with a plastic test tube of 360 lime vodka — pure kitsch and sugar. We snack on pesto cheese bread, respectably bubbly pizza crust topped with nondescript pesto, garlic butter, and lovely brown-spotted mozzarella and provolone, served with acid-and-tomato-forward marinara.

Try also the Angus nacho fries, floppy fries topped with underseasoned shreds of steak, pico de gallo, rich cheddar and jack cheese sauces, and pickled jalapeño slices that kick like they’re in Mortal Kombat

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