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Sixty seconds with Derek Ries



Indy: Radio Disney airplay is good for getting wildly enthusiastic young fans, but there's a trade-off when it comes to being taken seriously by older audiences. How's that been playing out for you?

DR: Well, we've been a band for four years, and the first couple of years we were kind of going for the younger audience. Then we realized it wasn't right for us. But our fans are basically 99 percent 16- to 17-year-old females, so it works out pretty cool. Our most recent single ["Midnight Romeo"] broke Billboard's Top 40, but it hasn't been played on Radio Disney because it's a little too risqué for them.

Indy: What's risqué about it?

DR: It's about taking a girl out. It doesn't really get graphic.

Indy: So your singer can still reach those Radiohead frequencies? He's gonna lose that, you know.

DR: When we first formed the band, his voice was much higher. I think his voice now is where it's gonna stay for the rest of his life.

Indy: What bands do you guys listen to?

DR: We're all into bands like Muse and Kings of Leon. Last year we played the Bamboozle Festival's Hoodwink show, where bands cover an artist of their choice for a 35-minute set. So we actually did Muse, and that was really cool.

Indy: So which Jonas Brother are you most often mistaken for?

DR: I don't think I'm usually mistaken for a Jonas Brother, but I know that our guitar player, he has dimples, so people sometimes mistake him for Nick Jonas. We don't really see the comparison, other than our ages, because we're young guys playing rock 'n roll. But we think our show is more rock-oriented.

At the Black Sheep, Dec. 15.

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