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Purring all winter


We are a family with 10 very spoiled cats. Just like us, cats love and need winter roughage in their diet. Theres nothing like a good BM to keep you purring, so imagine going six months without a leafy green salad!

Two years ago I had one of those ah-ha moments in the late fall garden watching my baby Sweet Biscuit looking dreamy while munching on some catnip leaves. It was as if he knew he was enjoying the last of one of summers pleasures. I decided to harvest some of the leaves to dry them for winter treats, and as I was doing that noticed the healthy, deep green leaves at the base of the plant. So in addition to harvesting the leaves to dry, I decided to try digging and potting up a plant for indoor fresh winter treats.

I cut back the leafy tops down to the base of succulent, fresh growth, dug up the plant with a spade, and potted them up in a clay pot with fresh soil. I used a clay pot instead of a plastic pot because the clay keeps the roots better aerated and catnip roots hate soggy soil. I watered them well and placed them in a sunny window.

Also, I potted up several plants so that when one was nibbled to the base, I could bring in a second plant while the first one regenerated its foliage. This way, the treats would last all winter. Well, my cats loved me, I loved my happy cats, and our home luxuriated in a well-lubricated flow of emotions and biology.

-- LS

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