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Protest songs from alt weeklies around the country, (dis)honoring a year of Trump's presidency

Songs of defiance


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The only good thing about Donald Trump is that he has made time slow down. As we get older, every year seems to pass more quick-ly than the last in the rush toward death. But the Trump regime has slowed all of that down and the year since that dark night when he was elected has felt as long as any since high school.

And just as in high school, this slow-moving but insanely intense sense of time has seemed to heighten the emotional impact of music. When a song rings right and seems to express the horror and angst that emanates from the world around you, it feels glorious.

This collection of songs comes from the music editors of more than 20 alt weeklies. As I was writing one of my Trump Tracker columns — about trying to find ways to take “alt” back from the Nazis — I ended up talking to a lot of editors and writers around the country. Collectively, we thought if we could bring together the best protest songs from as many cities as possible, we might learn something about the state of dissent, while maybe also finding some relief. We kick it off with the Indy’s own music editor.

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Protest Songs: No Time for Despair from Gerard Matthews on Vimeo.



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