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Problematic potential at Rockrimmon's New Day Cafe




New Day is a small chain of cafés, with two locations in Las Vegas and the most recently opened one here, all run by Arturo and Theresa Luna, a couple glad to be back in Colorado Springs. A little office-like, the restaurant's upscale-ish interior sports a selection of browns, black and tans similar to its next-door neighbor, Matéos Salon & Day Spa. There's also a strange front desk/greeting area by the door that looks like it lacks only a receptionist.

Still, that area was covered in real pink roses when we saw it, as were the mahogany-and-black tables in the medium-sized dining room — a breakfast bar off to the left as you enter — while panoramic shots of America's Mountain, shot by the Pikes Peak Guy, hung from the walls.

That stuff was all fine. It was in ordering where things started to fall off some. If you go, your server will likely be carrying a smartphone with an app that relays information back to the kitchen, where Arturo cooks. It's a pretty cool idea, but in practice — and multiple Yelpers confirm our own experiences — it doesn't work that well.

"This requires too much explanation on their part (i.e. 'I'm not Facebooking or texting ... this is just how we take orders!'), and I'm not sure if this system actually made placing orders any more efficient, or if it's just being used for the sake of being new, cool and hi-tech," wrote user Mariah C. a few weeks ago, adding: "Our waitress seemed to struggle a bit with the process, and had to ask us to repeat our orders a few times — it seemed to me that some good old fashioned paper might have saved some time and hassle."

That said, the biggest shortcomings came plated at lunch. Most everything was heavily salted — from the tomato-based chicken tortilla soup ($3.99/bowl) that tasted more like a vegetable beef, to french fries with a thick powdering on every piece — and nothing seemed to demand that anybody but nearby office workers make the drive.

The under-seasoned tuna salad sandwich ($6.99) tasted mostly of celery and came with pale slices of tomato and lettuce; the juicy, but over-salted, Ortega Burger ($7.99), with green chilies and pepper jack cheese, started off with a nice, fruity bite, but finished on the soggy side; and a buffalo-chicken wrap ($7.99) offered a great, tangy sauce over fried cutlets but overall was fairly plain. The thick chicken and avocado melt ($8.99), with pepper jack on sourdough, offered the most bang for the buck, but we'd still stick to breakfast based on the following.

Our Cactus Jack omelette ($8.99) came off like a perfectly cooked egg steak made with green-chile-like nopales, chorizo and Monterey jack cheese. Though it could have used more nutmeg, cinnamon or allspice, the French toast ($6.49) cut soft and thick. And the chilaquiles ($8.99) sported a bright and tangy red sauce over tortilla chips, refried beans, eggs your way and a fresh mince of tomato and onion. It quickly turned into something akin to a fresh, softened enchilada with gorgeous fried eggs, which is a fine way to start the day.

Combine that with coffee from Barista Espresso, thick bacon and a snappy green chili, and New Day shows some promise. Not that Colorado Springs lacks for a place to buy a plate of huevos, but, hey, what's one more?

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