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Presidential election 2016: The best of the worst?

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There seems to be a groundswell of disgust, dismay, disinterest and/or loss of faith among Americans in general about the upcoming race for president.

  • Alan Crowther

Alan Crowther of Great Bend Kansas is a plumber

Describe your mindset in looking toward the 2016 presidential election. So far it's a total circus. The parties are so far apart that they'll never meet in the middle.

If it came down to Bernie Sanders vs. Donald Trump, who at this point would you vote for? Trump. I don't agree with all his views, but he's making some strong points about things that need to change in the United States.

If it came down to Clinton vs. Bush, who'd get your vote? Bush. There are too many unanswered questions about illegal activities on Hillary's part, like the email thing and Benghazi.

If you could select the nominees, who'd they be? Ben Carson or Donald Trump on the Republican side. Right now, I don't like anybody else.

Is the American political process broken? It is. The left and the right are too far apart and won't compromise one inch. The ones catching heck for that are the middle class.

  • Kipp Cousino

Kipp Cousino of Old Colorado City is an artist and medical marijuana grower

What's your read of the upcoming presidential campaign? The political process is owned by a group of people from ten specific bloodlines who lay out the country's agenda every four years. Every candidate understands that and every president since JFK has scrupulously carried the agenda out. 

If it came down to Bernie Sanders vs. Donald Trump, who'd you vote for? The fact that Trump is even running makes me laugh with embarrassment. It's Crazy Land at this point.

If it were Clinton vs. Bush, who'd get your vote? It wouldn't even matter.

If you could select the next president, who? Ron Paul is the only one – at least whose name you guys would recognize – who's made a serious attempt to fix things and do it right.

  • Heidi Radmer

Heidi Radmer of Rockrimmon is a midwife

What's your read of the upcoming election? It's a circus on the Republican side, and it's ho-hum on the Democratic side.

If it were Sanders vs. Trump in 2016, who'd get your vote? Sanders. Trump is a joke. He has no business in politics.

How about Clinton vs. Bush? That one's a little tougher. Hillary hasn't impressed me. On the other hand, I don't think we want to have yet another Bush in office. We've Been There/Done That.

Are American politics broken? Everyone is out for himself on both sides.

Who in the last 100 years was the best president? Kennedy. He was level-headed and made good decisions under pressure.

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