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Post's new pot editor draws worldwide attention, man injured in explosion and more




A blunt beat

The Denver Post's announcement that it was internally hiring an editor to lead an expanding marijuana section did not go unnoticed — by anybody. And when longtime music writer Ricardo Baca was recently announced as that person, organizations like the New York Times, England's The Independent and The Guardian, Saturday Night Live and The Colbert Report all weighed in. As the latter demonstrated, the subject was taken very seriously by everybody.

"Are you a cop?" Colbert asked Baca at the outset of last Thursday's interview, while the text underneath the Post writer's picture varyingly described him as talking from Bongistan, Stanksylvania, Spleef Meadows and Are Any of Us Really Anywhere?

And when Colbert heard about the taxes that recently passed, he freaked a little. "A 25 percent tax on a doobage? It's more tax-and-toke liberalism in my opinion," he joked. "But while you're at it, why not just make it 85 percent and give me your car? They're high, they'll never know the difference."

All that aside, Baca and Co. are serious about ramping up their coverage in the wake of similar efforts by competitors like Westword, which drew its own round of jokes when it hired William Breathes, the state's first dispensary critic, in 2009. A similar post, as well as others, are on offer from the Denver daily.

Tried this at home

The Colorado Springs Police Department says a local man had an explosion in his apartment last Saturday while making hash oil and was subsequently hospitalized. Since butane's often used in the extraction, its fumes can build into something dangerous.

We contacted CSPD for the man's name, and information on any charges that might be filed, but did not hear back by press time.

Keef crumbs

• You may remember the Kottonmouth Kings from such songs as "Great When You're High," "Stay Stoned" and "Controlled Substance," and you may also remember former band member Johnny Richter for helping in their creation but still leaving the group earlier this year.

Now you can combine all that, and hang with Richter himself at 4 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 12, at the Speak Easy Vape Lounge (2508 E. Bijou St., 445-9083). A $22 fee gets you into the "Pimp Parlor" for access to an autograph and photo, but it's only $12 if you show a ticket to Richter's 7 p.m. show at the Black Sheep.

Club 710 (360 Winters Drive, 321/626-9469) is hosting a Wednesday Night Smoke Out on the night of Dec. 11. "Free cannabis on the bud bar and dab bar," reads the event. "Bring your own bud or wax also bring your smoking piece." Tickets are $10 to $20.

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