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Pomodoro’s Deli makes a fine Sicilian sub


  • Matthew Schniper

Pomodoro’s Deli, 3012 W. Colorado Ave., 418-3488,

Taking over where a Fat Boys Pizza location resided, 6-week-old Pomodoro’s leads with a Boar’s Head deli case in its entryway and a sandwich menu backed by salads, apps and breakfast items. Menus and the website boast “25 years of experience” but there are no details in that statement, only mention of two friends joining to “bring something original to Colorado Springs.”

Call me harsh, but I’m not sure what that something is, given our entire populace probably feels familiar with the concept of a deli sandwich. I’m even more skeptical that “everything is fresh from local farms,” given Boar’s Head products obviously aren’t, and when I inquire as to who’s baking the breads, an employee first mentions US Foods, then a local person whose name he can’t recall who’s supposedly supplying Puerto Rican-style bread used as hoagie rolls on several sandwiches.

One of those: The Sicilian, a sizable $10.99 construct of Genoa salami and Capicola thickly layered with simple lettuce, onion and tomato garnish, finished with salt and pepper plus an offered smear of a “chipotle ranch.” Though I taste none of that latter ingredient, the remainder melds into a damn fine bite, actually, kicked off by the soft and spongy bread that makes me think of a Cuban medianoche bread for its hint of sweetness, beyond its airy texture.

Even if all the ingredients are commercial, for taste alone they succeed, though I could do without the side ramekin of dry pasta salad, boring and bland past a hint of oregano.

Location Details Pomodoro’s Deli
3012 W. Colorado Ave.
Old Colorado City
Colorado Springs, CO

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