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Poe Pies food truck opens, with second food cart planned


  • Courtesy Poes Pies
Ross Bunting and Eryn Colasanto aren’t messing around: The couple, who moved here from Oklahoma City in September 2017, started the Poe Pies food truck on June 30, and they’re already working on opening a second food business.

Bunting’s a former accountant who also counts three years as an artisanal baker. Colasanto works in retail tech sales. Through Poe Pies, they sell fried pie, building their reputation on a thoroughly tested dough recipe they stuff with a variety of fillings, both sweet and savory.

“Almost every culture has some kind of fried pie or skillet fried pie or baked pie,” says Bunting, citing everything from samosas to pierogi to calzones. He thinks of it as a metaphor for the idea of America as a melting pot. Currently, their top-selling savory pie is the Dana, named for Bunting’s mom and filled with her favorite pizza toppings: spinach and chicken. Bunting prefers the Thai curry pie, while Colasanto favors barbecue pulled pork.

The truck currently serves at breweries and food truck rallies; they hope they can one day move to a brick-and-mortar shop. They’re also working on a food cart called Wok-a Wok-a, a late-night, build-your-own stir fry cart they’ll put out on Fridays and Saturdays along Tejon Street, offering a few starch options, precooked meats, fresh vegetables and sauces. It could appear by month’s end, pending health inspections.

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