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Try Redemption


The Black Sheep, 2106 E. Platte Ave., 227-7625 Saturday, Feb. 17, 7 p.m. Tickets: $5 for 21-plus, $7 under 21; visit

Here are the facts about John and James Peterson of Try Redemption:

They are extremely identical twins.

They finish each other's thoughts without realizing it.

They've never had a fistfight with each other in their 30 years of existence.

They are, however, at odds over how delicious the crust of French bread is.

They're caffeinated, and pretty excited about playing their home city of Colorado Springs for the first time in three or four months.

"We don't get shows around here that often, since there aren't that many venues for us. We don't really play Thunder & Buttons II," says John, the guitarist who thinks the crust is the best part.

Their black-death metal brand of music, with songs such as "God Says No" and "Confusing With Hate," doesn't quite jibe with the downtown crowd's usual preferences. So they set their sights on things like this April's New England Metal and Hardcore Festival. "I've thought about starting a festival here [in Colorado Springs]," John says, "but that's just so much work."

For now, The Black Sheep is the band's favorite place to play at home, because anyone who wants to attend, can.

"We like our shows to be all ages then all the kids can come," says James, a drummer who thinks that if the crust is so great, then his brother shouldn't be squeamish about eating off someone else's plate.

All-ages shows tend to fill up more and the kids have extra energy, says John, who maintains he isn't hungry. Under-agers and others who go to a show are more pumped for the Petersons' headbanging, and singer Chris Walker's antics.

"He's jumping around the stage, he'll go into the audience, he'll jump up on the bar, too," John says, adding that they clear any bar-hopping with the owners first.

Steve Kline

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