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Nocturnal Tomatoes



Ute Inn, 204 W. Midland Ave., Woodland Park, 687-1465 Friday, Jan. 26, 8 p.m. No cover.

Griffin Sports Bar & Grill, 1208 S. Ninth St., Cañon City, 719/269-1111 Saturday, Jan. 27, 9 p.m. $3 cover.

Frankie's Bar & Grill, 945 N. Powers Blvd., 574-4881 Saturday, Feb. 3, 8 p.m. No cover.

There's a misconception about Nocturnal Tomatoes that we must eliminate right away: Although they are a product of Colorado Springs and have graced its bars with their brand of warm, pop-ish rock 'n roll for over four years, they are not strictly a local band.

"We've always been viewed as a local, regional act," says drummer Craig Tomanini. "But we're a national touring act. We've been traveling throughout several different states and have been performing all around the country."

Now, when they roll around the country, they'll be armed with Crescendo, an album to leave behind for their new fans with strange accents.

"When we recorded the CD, we tried to emulate what we could do live," Tomanini says.

He strays away from defining the exact sound, though.

"We stay away from pigeonholing," he says. "It's rock 'n roll."

The sound is one that carries over from show to show, regardless of where it is or how many people are watching.

"We've always had the mentality that if we play for one person or a thousand people, we've got to give it our best," he says. "We're playing music for all of you."

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