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The High Strung



Manitou Springs Public Library, 701 Manitou Ave. Thursday, Aug. 10 6 p.m. all ages, free.

The library is supposed to be a place for quiet introspection, right? Not while a rock band is hammering it out on the front lawn.

The High Strung is in the midst of a summer-long library tour first proposed by a Michigan librarian that covers 23,000 miles and 57 shows. It may sound like a long trip, but for this Detroit band, which has spent 4 of their six years together on the road, it's nothing.

"It's something we don't normally get to do, an all-ages show, because the bars are 21 and older," lead singer Josh Malerman says. "The awkwardness of [a library venue] dissipates quickly; you're just going to see a rock band, but in a different way."

Inspired by bands from as far back as the 1950s, The High Strung actually sound a lot like The Beatles. Precise electric-guitar stringing, drum rolls and three-part harmonies produce undulating rhythmic sounds.

Hailed by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the best new, young rock 'n roll bands in America, The High Strung also earned Washington Post runner-up honors for "Best Song of the Year" in 2003 with the title track from These are the Good Times.

Joined by Chad Stocker on lead bass guitar and Derek Berk on drums, Malerman describes the sound produced by the trio as "bombastic indie pop."

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