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Andy Clifton & Company CD release concert Antlers Hilton, 4 S. Cascade Ave. Saturday, April 8, 6:30 p.m. Free.

Hop around downtown on almost any night, and you'll likely see Andy Clifton (second from left) playing his heart out somewhere. Whether performing solo or appearing with his band as Andy Clifton & Company, Clifton has a devoted following. Tenuous, his latest CD (and first with the band), captures the energy of his live shows while maintaining the kind of soundboard magic only a studio production can claim.

"I'm a live musician. I entertain, and I help the place I'm playing sell drinks," says Clifton. "I never had a whole lot of stock in putting my music on tape, but [making the CD] made me re-evaluate the whole recording process."

Deftly handled by bassist Randy Block at his downtown Green Mountain Studios, Tenuous explores the gamut of Clifton's acoustic rock sound, tapping jazz, country and other influences. Though the album's mostly upbeat, local guitar-maker Steve Hoke plays a haunting slide steel guitar in the mournful "Gathering Ghosts." Saxophonist Chuck Frazier and drummer Teddy Nazario round out the Company and the album's sound on tracks like "Thin Ice" and the crowd-pleasing "Coffee Cup."

Catch the whole crew live at their CD release concert at the Antlers Hilton, or stop by to check out other upcoming shows or to buy a copy of Tenuous.

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