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Thruster with Malakai, Chebedda, Dreams of Damnation and Silencer The Black Sheep, 2106 E. Platte Ave., 271-6842 Saturday, Nov. 26, 7 p.m. $7; get tickets at

Thruster's all about trucks, breasts and drugs. What began as a joke -- a fun side project for Jeremy Grobsmith (guitar), Dan Harvey (drums and vocals) and Aaron Retka (guitar and regular Indy contributor) of The Great Redneck Hope and Mike Nipp (bass and vocals) of Against Tomorrow's Sky -- now is a serious project. Thruster is stoner rock (think Eyehategod and Kyuss), as in "the songs become a little more interesting when you're stoned," according to members.

Thruster writes, records and performs in sets, so there isn't a lot of dead space between songs. When there is, Nipp fills it by talking about breasts. Many of their song titles are rejected band names for Thruster (like "Sword" and "Blacksmoker"), and it's good that they have a lot of rejected names, since they've been threatened with lawsuits by "Thruster" bands from across the country. This Thruster, however, just doesn't care. Check them out Saturday at The Black Sheep.

-- Sara Gallagher

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