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Eyes Caught Fire
Navajo Hogan, 2817 N. Nevada Ave.
Sunday, May 29, 7 p.m. $7
$7, call 632-5490

You're not likely to bust a move at an Eyes Caught Fire show, but that weird holding-oneself-to-keep-in-the-emotions scenester sway is completely acceptable. Members Dustin Bingham (guitar), Joel Brown (drums), Lydia Brown (keyboard), Kellie Balmblad (singer/guitar) and Noah Winningham (bass) are Eyes Caught Fire, local wonders whose self-produced CD, 2004's Felix Culpa, is oddly epic and David Lynch-like. Opening with the syrupy-slow "Circle Peg, Square Hole," the album has enough guitar crunch to satisfy any rock 'n' roll sweet tooth. The layered, hazy sounds create a sonic wall vaguely reminiscent of old Cure albums and early '90s shoegazer bands like My Bloody Valentine and The Swirlies, but with a far more daring and assured lead vocalist. Catch them at the Navajo Hogan with other local faves Leer 43, The Fallout and In Depth We Rise.

-- Kara Luger

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