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LoCO Showcase
Acacia Park, downtown
Saturday, Oct. 2, noon to 7 p.m.
All ages

For those who complain that there isn't any good local music to be had: Stop whining right now. There is plenty of eclectic and invigorating music to be enjoyed, and if you set aside Saturday, Oct. 2, and wander to downtown's Acacia Park, you may partake in the aural joy that is the LoCO Showcase. Volunteers from the Colorado University Music Supporters at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs will be on hand to support the event, and nine bands will be featured, each one hailing from our fair city. Performances will be by (in no particular order) Stephanie J., A.priori, Colonial Excess, Roche's Limit, Eyes Caught Fire, Harrison Bergeron, Idiolectic Conception and Black Pegasus (aka former FOS member Rob Houston). Be assured, this will not be a daylong dronefest of the same old style. Genres range from hip-hop to punk, alternative/indie and shoegazing emo to hardcore. As long as you like your music a little gut-rumblingly loud, there will be something for everyone.

-- Kara Luger

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