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Chris Bocast
Pikes Perk Downtown, 14 S. Tejon
Fri., Dec. 26 from 8-10 p.m.
No cover, 635-1600
All ages

Chris Bocast is a busy new bee in the local music scene. A recent transplant from San Francisco who has gigged with the likes of '80s pop rockers The Mission UK, Bocast has now taken up residence as lead guitarist for the local band Boondoggle and just released a self-produced album of down-tempo ambient music titled Through the Airlock. After a day of fattening yourself on roast duck and indulging in the most capitalist of Christian holidays, nothing could be finer than to buy yourself a latte, kick back in the leather couches and soak up some astral harmonics via computer dirge. What is it about ambient that sounds so "spacey" and why does it make the universe feel so small? Did you know that 70 percent of the universe is made up of mysterious dark matter that's causing it to implode? Do you think it's making a sound like Chris Bocast's album while it collapses? I wonder why hot dogs don't implode -- they're made up of 70 percent mystery meat. Ponder these things deeply on Friday.

-- Noel Black

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