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Acoustic Eidolon
Ute Pass Cultural Center, 210 E. Midland Ave., Woodland Park
Fri., Nov. 21 at 7 p.m.
$4, 687-6823
All ages

Folk artists always come up with the darndest newfangled instruments. In the case of Joe Scott, it's the guitjo (pronounced "git joe,"), is a double-necked guitar that's got all kinds of weird strings and open tunings, which, one would presume, sounds like a guitar and a banjo, though most describe it as somewhere between a harp and a piano. Hannah Alkire, Joe's wife and the other half of Eidolon, plays cello. The combination of the two unlike instruments and the duo's backgrounds in both folk and classical music apparently makes for a totally wicked experience. They've got influences as wide ranging as Celtic, New Age, blue grass and Latin. Totally.

-- Noel Black

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