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Benefit for Jon Rubenstein featuring Purple Buddha, Running with Sally, The Old Dog Band, Redraw the Farm, Zuyuva and others
Laura Belles, 734 N. 19th St.
Saturday, Oct. 4 from 5 p.m. to closing
$8, Call 630-7600

$8 Call 630-7600

Jon Rubenstein, former owner of the Utopia Caf on Bijou Street, has fallen on hard times lately, and the local music community is rallying around him to help. Rubenstein was recently diagnosed with pheochromocytoma, a rare tumor that arises in the adrenal glands and raises blood pressure and heart rate. Though the tumors aren't usually malignant, they can be signals of other endocrine cancers and cause extreme fatigue. "I've felt like I've had the flu for two years now," said Rubenstein. He will travel to Florida on Oct. 6 to have the tumors tested and removed.

Earlier this year, the Utopia Caf was forced to close its doors after Rubenstein took on a business partner who didn't pay the taxes. His liquor license was subsequently revoked. Still, he remains hopeful and wants to reopen at a new location under the name Utopia Caf by next April.

-- Noel Black

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