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Playing Around: You Call That Art?



So here's a little story. Although it's a bit second- or third-hand, it must be told to accurately illustrate the inner workings of Denver band You Call That Art? Plus, their fans swear it's true. A long, long time ago, in a faraway land called Fort Collins, a young band got the bright idea to impress record label bigwigs by sending their demos in a vintage lunchbox, complete with real sandwiches. But lunchmeat doesn't mail well, so the band took the sandwich fixin's down to their local Kinko's. Besides turning into some kind of toxic goo, the chicken and ham went through the laminating machine with no problems, but the fun ended when the roast beef went in and never came out.

After being banned from every Kinko's Copy Center in the nation, You Call That Art? (their real name, punctuation and all) decided that the best course of action was to forget the bigwigs and focus on making it big right here in Colorady. So they packed up the truck and they moved to Denver.

It wasn't hard to get attention in the big city, what with YCTA?s intoxicating blend of rock, funk, punk and general hyperactivity. Vocalist Sven Severin provides a good portion of that energy. Known for his bizarre body movement, rambling vocal jams and intense relationship with the beat, Severin buzzes like a high tension wire. Severin, drummer Ben Winters, bassist Matt Lightner and guitarist John Furste cultivate a hard, edgy funk with a sometimes sweet pop tinge that, during a live performances, seems almost fidgety and punkish, sketchy, like Jello Biafra's singing voice.

You Call That Art? is playing up at the Acoustic Coffee Lounge this Friday, and admission is $5, leaving you plenty of money for mai tais. The show starts at 8 p.m. Call 268-9951.

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