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Playing Around: Yankee Grey



Yankee Grey -- that's an odd name for a country band. I wouldn't want to be there when they play the deep deeeeep South. In any case, the name seems to work for them. The Ohio sextet's first single from their debut album, Untamed, has caught the ears of country radio listeners and Nashville music barons alike.

Besides having a firm grasp on what makes modern country songs work -- themes of pain, God, humor, loss, The Duke-brand morals and love, love, love -- Yankee Grey is taking advantage of the shift in the country music industry from Patsy Clines to Shania Twains by incorporating influences that once would have been taboo. Aerosmith, Kiss, the Eagles and Jerry Lee Lewis all figure into Yankee Grey's music, and the aura of Lynyrd Skynryd hangs around the band like morning mist on the fields at Shiloh.

Despite all of the great musical input the Cincinatti group has picked up over the years, they make each song their own by taking advantage of their unique vocal combinations. The voices of Joe Caverlee, Matt Basford, Tim Hunt, Jerry Hughes, Kevin Griffin and Dave Buchanan blend just so, allowing for rich harmonies, rowdy vocals and even a bit of a cappella.

Yankee Grey will be stopping along the road to stardom at Cowboy's Wednesday night. Tickets are $12-$16. Call 596-1212 to find out more.

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