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Playing Around: Voodoo Organist



If Tom Waits were slightly slow on the uptake but had as much soul as Nick Cave and Wesley Willis and/or Daniel Johnston, then he might still be seated on the puke-stained throne of the skid-row lounge act. Unfortunately for him, I predict, the empty throne will soon belong to the Voodoo Organist, aka Scott Wexton, and his phantasmic cabaret sound. A native of Detroit, but a resident of Los Angeles, Wexton definitely needs an entourage of scantily clad mutant dancers doing a Santeria striptease on stage with him (if he doesn't already have them). Let Wexton be your goth nightmare before Christmas -- a perfect pre-Halloween warm-up -- as he plays in support of his self-released album, exotic demonic blues, with Dented, Bright and Eyes Caught Fire at an all-ages show at Industrial Nation.

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