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Playing Around: The Phantom Limbs



The Phantom Limbs are cut from the same cloth as audience-antagonizing rebels like Iggy Pop, the Dwarves, and the Screamers. Combining spookhouse keyboards, death-knell rhythms and a propensity for dirge, the Limbs provoke fear, admiration, and -- did I mention? -- fear, in everyone who comes in contact with them.

The lead singer, name of Hopeless, ensures a night of harrowing experiences and horrifying revelations. His stage performance is often done in the buff, covered in grease paint, fish oil, or duct tape (sometimes it's all three). Participation from the crowd is mandatory and strictly enforced. In fact, if you're suspected of less-than-total immersion in their punk-garage-death rattle, you're liable to find yourself handcuffed to Hopeless' gangly substance-smeared frame. For your own sake, get nuts or these guys will do it for you. Call 520-0980.

-- Brandon S. Laney

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