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Playing Around: The Gluey Brothers



The Gluey Brothers are truly pursuing the American Dream, 17-year-old boy style. M.C. Tahina, King Hummus and their traveling band, The Established Gentlemen (a.k.a Uncle Moustache, Woochie and Sweet Roll Swopes) have quite the set-up -- first off, they're musicians. They played movie star Val Kilmer's New Year's Eve party last year, were on TV with the magically demented Penn & Teller, and, finally, the cherry on the sundae, they were asked to appear in an upcoming feature film on the Playboy Channel, The House of Love. You see what I mean?

There are numerous reasons why the Bros. are receiving so much attention. It could be the costumes (I wonder if they had a meeting to decide who got to be the monkey?), the ever-evolving pseudonyms, or the obnoxious behavior, but my guess is, it's the grooves.

The music of the Gluey Brothers is a mixture of almost every musical style known to man, but it leans heavily on old-school funk, acid blues and white-boy raps. Their original lyrics, while coherent, are too nonsensical to be serious (think Beastie Boys on Mescaline). Instead, the band combines their words with a sort of in-your-face performance art that can really only be expressed during live shows.

The Gluey Brothers and company play this week at the Ritz Grill downtown, and there's no cover. Call 635-8484 for details.

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