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The Colorado Music Hall gets a lot of press for the A- and B-list bands that flit across its curvaceous stage, but it's a local secret that most nights at the Hall are devoted to local bands.

The majority of these shows are edgy, hard-core, often darkly metallic showcases of talent from the Springs' vast reservoirs of black-clad growler bands. In recent months, the Music Hall has become second home to these raucous performers, providing valuable space and resources to a style of music that just doesn't fly in the majority of area bars and clubs. The tickets and beer are cheap, the staff is cool, and the rode-hard-and-put-away-wet dcor of the venue lends itself to the angsty, angry all-ages crowds.

Rocking your socks off this Friday night are Tab, Sickbox, Dissonance and Dropp. Tickets are $3 to $5. Call the local number, 447-9797, for details.

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