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Playing Around: Summer Hartbauer


Summer Hartbauer
Jrs Bar, 3535 N. Carefree Circle
Saturday, Jan. 25, 8-9 p.m.
Call 597-9400 for ticket info.

There's something inescapably alluring about young talent: the raw ambition, the endless possibilities. In 10 years, Liberty High School junior Summer Hartbauer could be on the pages of US magazine, the subject of VH1's Behind The Music, or even processing invoices for a major insurance carrier.

Hartbauer appears to be going for it -- huevos to the wall, gigging the Springs like her life depended on it. Judging by the volume of press releases received by this newspaper, Summer's mom has made the role of manager and publicist a full-time gig. Summer's sound is of the school of pop-rock women vocalists like Jewel and Sheryl Crow. Hartbauer writes love songs, which may seem clich, but since teen-age love is the rawest form, she'd be advised to savor the elation and pain.

Her first guitar was purchased used for 10 bucks, a worthy investment. When school lets out for the summer in June, she plans to gig around Los Angeles in an attempt to make connections, get a contract, that sort of thing. She also wants to find a band for company and accompaniment.

In the more immediate future, Summer will be opening for Pilot Radio, a national act coming to Jr's Bar on Friday the 25th.

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