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Playing Around: Steve Hoke

Steve Hoke playing trimeister, Indian sitar and hurdy gurdy



Breakfast with the Hurdy Gurdy Man! No, this isn't a motivational seminar featuring Donovan. It's a breakfast concert at Adam's Mountain Caf in Manitou with one of the Pikes Peak region's most eclectic musicians cum Fabio look-alikes: Steve Hoke. But don't expect a monkey sitting atop a crank box with a carney churning out your favorite oldies; a hurdy gurdy is actually a hand-cranked-dulcimer-violin-piano type of a thing that emits sounds kind of like a frantic cat trapped inside a bagpipe -- in the best sense of a frantic cat being trapped in a bagpipe. Hoke will also be wailing on the Indian sitar a la George Harrison, and showing off an instrument of his own invention: the "trimeister" -- a guitar, mandolin and violin all in one. Of course he fashioned it himself in the tradition of any gnome worth his weight in maple. The sounds emitted from all these instruments and the way Hoke manipulates them make the New Age feel so 1997. Dude, is that spirit rock? Well, turn it up!

-- Noel Black

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