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A diverse group of backgrounds, races, ages and philosophies make up the local group Shades. Magic, the "leader" of the group, and his wife Starr relocated to California from Jamaica Queens, N.Y., with members Harmony and Kal-El in 1982, calling themselves Magic Eye. In 1983, Falcon joined the group, Merrily and Meriah in 1991, and Brian and Seth in 1997.

Since the initial move in '82, the group has always lived together. And with the addition of Roselind in 1999, the group relocated to Woodland Park. On a visit to Austin, "the family" as they're called, received the gift of a Gibson guitar from Merrily's sister. With the help of the vintage instrument, the musicians began to experiment with new styles. Soon the Earth, Wind and Fire-influenced pop style had metamorphosed into a new, eclectic brand of musical methods, and Shades was born. The new sound matched the group's philosophy: Harmony is found within diversity.

Since the new musical blend of pop, R&B, rock, blues and jazz evolved, Shades has received international acclaim, from critics and fans alike. They have appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show and The Tonight Show and have toured extensively across the United States and abroad. Their first single from their forthcoming album, Tomorrow Never Comes, is growing in popularity. The group will be performing pieces from the new album Saturday night at Tres Hombres. Tickets are $3-$5.Call 687-0625 for more info.

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