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Playing Around: Sean Kennedy and the King



If there's one thing we get lots of here in Colorado Springs, it's rockabilly music. It cycles through almost as often as old metal; only the rockabilly guys usually have better hair (no offense).

Don't misunderstand -- the preponderance of rockabilly is a great thing. Musically, it tends to cover a whole lot of territory, like blues, rock, bluegrass, swing and sometimes even a little ska. Generally, the stage shows rock, complete with flowing endorphins, testosterone and luscious hair grease.

Fitting that bill, good hair and all, are the Santa Cruz--based roots rockers, Sean Kennedy and the King Kats. Kennedy and the Kats are not pure as the driven snow, 100 percent rockabilly, per se; they're channeling a good bit of Stevie Ray Vaughn with a tad of Steve Earl and a dollop of George Thorogood thrown in for good measure. And then take into account that lead man Sean Kennedy, steeped in acoustic country and Texas blues, also had a childhood fondness for the Stray Cats. While they've spent a good deal of time touring with Brian Setzer and his crew, more recently the band has been sharing the stage with Joe Strummer of The Clash.

You get the idea ... Sean Kennedy and the King Kats are a well-versed, well-rehearsed, high-octane, guitar-driven, rhythm-oriented, incredibly danceable band with lots of live-show energy and experience.

So ooil up the hair and display the tattoos because they'll be prowlin' and howlin' at Jos Muldoon's on Friday and Saturday night. It's free -- as in no cover. Just walk in, order a margarita and then shake your booty with the band into the wee hours. If you want to find out more about the band, check out their Web site:

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