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Playing Around: Scott Miller



The thing about Americana,, roots rock -- whatever you want to call it -- is that even when it's really bad, it's still pretty good. Not that Scott Miller is bad ... no, no. It's just that the genre itself is so many miles above the glittering Mmm Bop-laden gutters of popular music that it's astonishing. This prestigious and history-rich style inadvertently becomes a catch-all for those artists who have been there and done that, who have not only rocked, but rolled and, like any rebellious youth reaching adulthood, feels the need to come home.

For years, Scott Miller was co-leader of Tennessee's critically acclaimed band The V-Roys, and was responsible for writing the majority of 1998's All About Town. Currently, Miller is trudging out on the mean streets of America all alone, exploring the vaguely Grunge-like influences of distorted guitars, gospel melodies and propelling rhythms a la The Jayhawks.

For his performance here in town, Miller will rely on his clear, picturesque lyricism and honest voice to get the point across during his Perfectly Legal House Concert hosted by the Society for the Promotion of Live Music in Small Venues. There's a $10 suggested artist's donation and you'll need to make reservations beforehand, as these concerts have a tendency to sell out; call 389-0719. The concert begins at 7 p.m.

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