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Playing Around: Purple Buddha



If you've ever had fantasies that the Peanuts Gang formed a jam band with Schroeder on the ivories, Lucy on vocals, Linus on bass, Peppermint Patty on drums and Charlie Brown on the tambourine (of course), well, Purple Buddha's kinda like that. Sort of. But then they've got an 18-minute song called "Bitches > Dust." Linus has been bogarting the fungi again, and Schroeder's taken up the Moog after an epiphany about the infinitude feedback loops in the electro-gizmo-zap-duh. Lucy's lost in lovely harmonic solipsism, Peppermint Patty's checkin' out the chicks, and Charlie Brown is, of course, keeping it all together on the tam. Sort of. Anyhow, Denver-based Purple Buddha is Michelle, Isaac, Ted, Stork and Pong, and they've got a new CD. Come freak out with them.

-- Noel Black

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