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Playing Around: Peter Mayer



Growing up in India with his missionary parents, guitarist Peter Mayer was exposed to many different styles of music, from classical to Indian Christmas carols. Mayer refers to the wailing and moaning of traditional Indian music as his first encounter with the blues. But walking through a village marketplace as a boy, he heard the music that would stay with him the longest -- the Beatles' "Please, Please Me."

Returning with his parents to their home in America in the mid-'60s, Mayer decided he wanted to be a musician. Mayer says he plays because he needs to -- he's not at peace when he can't make music. For the past ten years or so, he has been lead Parrothead guitarist with Jimmy Buffet. The handpicked group of diverse musicians that make up the rest of Buffet's band inspire Mayer, and he tours with them about four months of every year.

During the other eight months he writes, composes, and tours with his own band, the Peter Mayer group. Mayer, guitarist Vince Varvel and Nashville bassist Derek Jones are joined on this tour by percussionist Scott Bryan, fresh from a long tour with Sheryl Crow. The group will play an original acoustic rock concert up the pass Thursday night. Tickets are $10, but college students can get in for $5 with their school ID. Call 687-0625 for details.

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