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Playing Around: Peace Sign



Best thought of as a Latin version of the Dave Matthews Band, Peace Sign has been working its way through the struggling local club scene for a couple years. Self-described as a "melting pot of Latin and R&B grooves with New Orleans-style funk overtones," the group of six were formed by lead guitarist Charlie Montano, and named after a 1970s WAR song (for those of you fortunate enough to remember the '70s).

It is recommended that you bring a limbo stick to any show of theirs you go to see, because these guys really know how to groove. They are reportedly working on a CD title, due out before the end of the year, in an effort to get a much deserved recording contract, but for the present we're fortunate enough to have them playing around town.

Peace Sign will be showing off their skills at Laura Belle's this Friday and Saturday. Call 630-7600 for more information.


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