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Playing Around: OM Trio



San Francisco's OM Trio's got the recipe for a good show: Take two parts jazz, one part funk and fuse them between one drummer, one keyboardist and one bass player. Let stew all night -- serve hot after jam has risen to the top. It's a heady, filling concoction.

The music starts off mellow and traditional, your basic modern jazz suitable for an evening out at the cigar bar. But somewhere along the way, Brian Felix's keys lead the group away from the safety of tried-and-true arrangements and into a cultivated jam space. The wide-open space allows bassist Pete Novembre to stretch his strings, and soon the whole thing tumbles into a thumping, melodic funk blend best suited for the more refined buster of moves. Drummer Ilya Stemkovsky provides the strong base that this soaring, elaborate jazz clings to, allowing diehard jazz aficionados listening pleasure while simultaneously enticing members from the funk camp. It's got culture, it's got class, but you can dance to it. What more could you want from a band?

The OM Trio experiments this weekend at Acoustic Coffee Lounge. Admission is $5; call 268-9951.

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