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Playing Around: MxPx



Don't judge MxPx by their clear-toned studio albums. Make an effort, get off the couch, and go out to see the rowdy punk trio whose live persona relegates their studio work to the 99 used and abused bin, in between scratched copies of the new LFO single and Green Day's old Insomniac.

But never you mind. You don't go out to listen to live replications of the CDs in your car (if you do, shame ... for you are responsible for the overkill success of Britney and Justin); you go out to see the most kick-ass show possible.

MxPx delivers. The name if you're wondering, represents Magnified Plaid, which means nothing. It just sounds cool. And sounding cool is a trusted and well-worn formula for the band, whose greatest hits include such favorites as "Party, My House, Be There," "Like Sand Through the Hourglass..." and the unforgettable "KKK Took My Baby Away." So deep, so introspective.

Like their songs, MxPx plays with a dangerously youthful hysteria. Guitarist Yuri Ruley and drummer Tom Wisniewski are a tight combination of pulsing notes and solid beats, and Mike Herrera's undulating bass line and strenuous vocals is the funky, nasty glue keeping it all together. Distinctly left coast, MxPx is music for youth on the fringes of conformity. It's not whacked-out devil music, but it ain't no Uncle Kracker, neither.

The show is at the Music Hall Tuesday night, and even though it's a school night, it's all-ages, so all you rebellious skata children can get freaky like you wanna be for just $14.50! Call 800/965-4827 for tickets.

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