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Playing Around: Mark Gardner and Red Rideout



Have you been hankerin' for some "Turkey in the Straw"? Come on, admit it ... come on. Well, luck be a banjo (and fiddle) tonight at Rock Ledge Ranch as old-time music conservators Mark Gardner and Rex Rideout take you back a century and then some. Don't worry, Gardner's got his historical cred way in check; he's authored Wagons for the Santa Fe Trade: Wheeled Vehicles and Their Makers, 1822-1880 and The Mexican War Correspondence of Richard Smith Elliott. Rideout's no dilettante either; though he makes his daily wage as a technician at the Colorado School of Mines, he can bow that fiddle like a convict with a hacksaw. The duo has also released a CD of their authentic historical music preservation efforts called Frontier Favorites: Old-Time Music of the Wild West. Hey, wait a cotton pickin' moment: They didn't have CDs in 1850! Come on down and forget about the 21st century. And while you're at it, forget about the 20th century, too! Mark and Red will be joined by special guest banjo man Clarke Buehling of the Skirtlifters who specializes in "classic finger-style." Blankets, lawn chairs and flashlights recommended.

-- Noel Black

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