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Playing Around: LOVE.45



It's about time somebody came around to liven things up in this place. Colorado Springs was beginning to feel like the blues and Celtic capital of the Western world. What we need is some good, strong, loud music to dance to -- think of how much nicer it would be around here if people would just cut loose.

Denver-based Love.45 is coming to town, and by all accounts, they'll be able provide the necessary chords and scales to get the people of the Pikes Peak region off their boodies and into rhythmic motion -- at least the people at Jos Muldoon's this weekend.

Love.45's music is nothing if not modern and fast-paced, somewhere in that same post-punk, post-alternative vein with the Foo Fighters and Lit, with a touch of classic energy, a l Kiss. Good vocalization is backed up with pulsing guitar work and rambling percussion, creating a sound that, instead of pounding you into submission, draws you along with it. The skillful arrangements of original songs like "Ordinary Man" and "December 31st 1999" win big brownie points in the professionalism category, and the independent band comes off as polished and experienced as any big label darling.

Love.45 plays Jos Muldoon's this Friday and Saturday. Call 636-2311 for details.

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