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Playing Around: Lobo Loggins


Photography by Suzanne
  • Photography by Suzanne

Aside from being the absolute nicest person you'd ever want to meet, Lobo Loggins is one of the most experienced and talented guitar players around. You can reel off his accomplishments -- playing with Percy Sledge, writing songs for Ray Price, teaching his 17-year-old son to play with surprising skill and agility -- but what really gets you about Lobo is a little more basic. For one, the guy smiles all the time -- especially when he wrangles amazing licks from his electric guitar. He's humble -- even though he could smoke your ass with rootsy blues-rock notes; he keeps it balanced and in perfect step with the songs. And his voice ... what an honest, open, blue-collar voice -- smooth as molasses, with just a hint of his Lake Sam Rayburn, Texas, accent. The way Lobo wraps his voice around a song, you feel like somebody ought to turn off the lights.

In one of his many endeavors, Lobo Loggins performs with Four's a Crowd, a blues "power trio" featuring bassist and songwriter "Fingers" Farrell and drummer/vocalist Barry Ringley. The band performs every Saturday (with the exception of the third Saturday of the month) up at Classics from 8 'til midnight. Call 260-7057 for details.

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