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Place your hands flat out in front of you, fingers together, thumb out at a 90 angle. Now flip your left hand over, palm up. Congratulations! You have just made the official L7 hand signal.

You'll need to know this when saluting everybody's favorite Riot Grrls Friday night at the Colorado Music Hall. The band is touring in support of their new and sixth album, Slap-Happy. After more than 10 years of touring and recording with Sub Pop, Slash, Epitaph and others, L7 has formed their own label, Wax Tadpole Records. Tadpole is a joint venture with LA-based independent label, Bong Load Records. The partnership will give the band complete creative control over their releases and all future projects.

For now, they're giddy with delight over Slap-Happy. Since L7 is based on the West Coast, and bassist Gail Greenwood is and always will be firmly rooted on the East Coast, Greenwood and the band parted ways. The remaining members -- guitarist and vocalist Donita Sparks, drummer Dee Plakas and guitarist and vocalist Suzi Gardner -- recorded their sixth album as a trio. The result is no less in-your-face than any previous L7 release. Their fans, who worship them with an almost frightening level of devotion, wouldn't settle for anything less.

L7, touring with bassist Janice Tanaka of San Francisco's Stone Fox, will be raising hell with the Teenage Frames and Mansfield. Tickets are $10-$12, subject to service charges. Call 447-9797.

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