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Playing Around: Gyzunglasus


  • Gyzunglasus

The past few weeks have brought with them an important milestone for Gyzunglasus --the 10-year anniversary of playing in the Springs and around the state.

During the past decade the band has made a name for itself with its blues-infused alternarock, a sound that fits nicely into the Colorado-rock genre (you all know what I'm talking about. It's something about the altitude). Playing together for that length of time gives a band a tightness that allows for the most even of basslines -- what you truly need to draw bodies into motion, out onto the dancefloor and into ecstatic gyrations. Gyzunglasus has mastered the bassline draw, adding to the capricious tweaks and pulsing lows with guitar hooks that are nothing less than poignant, keeping ears perked. A steady dose of confident percussion holds it all together.

The happy-go-lucky crowds in this town won't stand for anything less than fresh, upbeat music bordering on the motivational, and the bespectacled lads provide this important aspect too, with their mostly cheerful lyrics. Perhaps the most finely crafted example of this is the original tune, "Reverse Country Song" -- My woman come back to me /so did my dog /wouldn't have it any other way /in a reverse country song /well, it's good to be alive.../

Gyzunglasus celebrates their decade of music with a three-day stint at the Ritz this weekend. Good news, because there's never a cover charge at the Ritz. Call 632-8484.

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