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Playing Around: Go Kart Go



I'm pretty young -- 1995, to me, is recalled as a year fraught with the danger that only junior high school can bring. Thinking back on those halcyon days, it's not the political climate (remember how Clinton was a really kind of boring president before the whole 'Insky thing?) and not the world at large (El Nio really seems like a Trivial Pursuit answer at this point), but frankly, it's the hits that I remember. Rock radio only had one Eddie Vedder, and rap-rock was but an easily overlooked troglodyte rumbling through the sewers of music's addled underground. Yep, radio was all about the "alternative." Remember Soul Asylum? Green Apple Quickstep? Well, Go Kart Go sure as hell does. Straight out of the foggy valleys of 'Frisco, Go Kart Go's new CD is a virtual wax museum of the genre. If you've got the nostalgia bug, come see them bring the noise to Industrial Nation. Their new CD, Flying, just came out on House Cat Records and they'll be, like, playing songs from it. Also, look for local stalwarts Gehennan Scientist to get moody on the mike.

-- Brian Arnot

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