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Playing Around: Egamufin



I recently had the good fortune to spend a sunny Sunday morning with Egamufin in their subterranean practice space over in the ever-mellow Shooks Run neighborhood. Mellow, however, is not the word I'd use to describe the big sound coming from the five-member band.

Composed of guitarist Chris Redd, bassist Jan Brennen, drummer Michael Salkind, vocalist Kris Scheaffer and guitarist/vocalist Mark Boger, the band is positively enthused, and why not? Egamufin has the talent of at least three of your average local bands combined. Guitarist Chris Redd's 20 years of playing have brought his skill to a level worth seeing alone, but combined with Brennen's brawny, competent basslines, the two guitars create a backbone that keeps the music direct and strong. I feel compelled to go against better judgment and steal a line from the WWF to truly describe this kind of guitar work: Brennen and Redd layeth the smacketh down.

The band plays their fair share of pop rock covers, but if you find yourself in the crowd at an Egamufin show, I highly advise heckling them for an original. The songs, usually written as a group effort, have a sophisticated bohemian Edie Brickell-ish flare to them, and the band really shines on pieces like "How Long" and "Agnostic Prayer." This is the first band for singer Kris Scheaffer, and she seems to be in the process of finding her place in the music. Her voice is gentle and clear, but my guess is this girl can really belt it out. Once Scheaffer finds her comfort zone, she might just develop a sound that will leave the rest of the band scurrying to turn up the amps.

Egamufin is a playful, comfortable, relaxed band, and that comes through in their performance. The band plays Tony's this weekend. Don't miss out on a great live show.

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