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Playing Around: Dominic Gaudious


Acoustic guitarist Dominic Gaudious
  • Acoustic guitarist Dominic Gaudious

After touring the country with an eclectic rock band, 27-year-old Dominic Gaudious has gotten all the partying out of his system -- he's put down the electric guitar, given up the groupies, ditched the rock star life and moved on to bigger and more "mature" things.

Like the 12-string acoustic guitar, which Gaudious plays along with a regular six-string on his two albums, Where I Stand and Acoustic Captivity. The three CDs each highlight Gaudious' complicated arrangements and original compositions, exemplifying the talent that has prompted media comparisons to acoustic kings Leo Kottke and Michael Hedges.

Gaudious' musical approach, based in classical and World Beat, also incorporates jazz, flamenco, folk and Indian melodies. His latest search for new sounds has led him to the long, horn-like Australian didjeridu. He learned how to play the aboriginal instrument and included its indescribably rich notes on his upcoming new release, The Captivity. The instrument is so large and unwieldy, Ian Hesford, a talented second performer, plays it during live performances while Gaudious sticks to creating his skillful guitar melodies.

The diverse musicians will appear under the blue Colorado spring sky on Colorado College's Worner Quad, on the northwest corner of Cascade and Cache La Poudre. Admission is free; call CC at 389-6607 for more.

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